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OTC Hosts Virtual Meet-up for Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Sector Representatives

Muscat, September **, 2020: As part of its endeavour to unify efforts and enhance cooperation between various entities in the tourism sector, the Internships and Placement Department at the Oman Tourism College (OTC) organised a virtual meeting for its industry partners. Conducted via Microsoft Teams, the meet-up saw the presence of representatives from hospitality brands owned by Oman Tourism Development Company (OMRAN), travel and tourism agencies and event companies. The primary objective of the meeting was to study the challenges faced by the relevant sectors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, its implications on practical training opportunities for OTC students and the solutions that can be applied in collaboration between various relevant authorities.

Commenting on the virtual event, Mohamed Al Rawahi, Head of Internships and Placement at OTC, said, “This meeting stems from our commitment to always maintain continuous communication with all relevant entities working in the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors. Our main focus is being able to coordinate effectively to ensure that we are providing the best possible educational opportunities for our students, especially during this challenging time for the sector and the nation as a whole. It is necessary to work together and collectively come up with solutions to overcome our present obstacles, especially when it comes to providing practical training opportunities for students within various tourism institutions. We were delighted to witness a mutual response and, in cooperation with all participants, have unanimously agreed to continue offering practical training through digital channels for Marketing, Tourism and Event Management students. This way, we ensure that the minimum educational requirements for students are met, while also maintaining close communication with all parties. So that, together,  we may develop alternative solutions to mitigate the educational impact during the current stage and in the future.”

During the meeting, the need to maintain regular interaction and communicate any new developments in the tourism sector was emphasised. OTC would be able to support students with practical training programmes that reflect the standards of the academic curriculum taught in the classroom. The importance of regularly holding such meetings to discuss initiatives and methods for developing the tourism sector in the Sultanate was also highlighted. This would be achieved through the provision of a highly-skilled trained and competent national workforce at various levels of the tourism industry.

“On behalf of the management of OTC, I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to all the participants for taking part in this virtual meet-up. Their commitment to the future of OTC students, and the national tourism sector as a whole, is truly admirable. I am confident that through regular communication, we will be able to overcome the hurdles posed by the current situation and, together, we can build a more promising and prosperous future for the tourism sector in Oman.,” Mohamed added. Oman Tourism College is the only academic institution that offers various study programmes related to tourism and hospitality in the Sultanate. It is an entity that provides a promising market with a highly competent and trained youth, which enhances its pivotal role in developing this sector at the level of the Sultanate.

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