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Vision, Mission & Values


Strategic Plan 2021-2025


To be Oman’s leading provider of tourism-related education supporting sustainable growth of the country’s tourism sector.


To develop students’ knowledge, skills, and aptitude through stimulating learning experiences and exposure to research and scholarly activity, in partnership with industry and education providers, to benefit the local community and be successful professionals in a rapidly changing global society.


  1. Academic and professional standards: a commitment to contribute to high quality student-centred education
  2. Creativity: recognition of the value of innovation in all aspects of the educational process
  3. Continuous Improvement: a commitment to an ongoing process of self-reflection in order to continually improve the quality of outcomes at an organisational and individual level
  4. Cooperation and Teamwork: willingness to work actively with others and to welcome cultural diversity
  5. Commitment to stakeholders: engagement with stakeholders including the society for long term development
  6. All members of the College community will conduct themselves with integrity, honesty, respect for others, and in an honourable way.