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  1. All applicants for admission to OTC must hold the General Education Diploma or equivalent.
  2. In the case of applicants who may not have completed the General Education Diploma, entry approval must be obtained from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation as per the Ministry’s regulations. 
  3. All applicants will be automatically registered on the General Foundation Programme except for those who fulfil direct entry requirements for the UG programme below


Applicants who fulfill any of the following criteria will be considered for direct admission to OTC undergraduate programmes:

  1. Having successfully completed an equivalent Foundation programme in the last 2 years from another higher education institution in Oman or
  2. Having completed in part or in full, relevant academic programmes (with English as the medium of study) from other higher education institutions. Such applicants will be considered through the process of Accreditation of Prior Learning or APL or
  3. Having evidence of appropriate English language skills (IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL equivalent) together with successful completion of Maths and IT OTC placement tests scores above 40% or
  4. Having passed the OTC placement test with a minimum score of 85% for English and 40% for Maths and IT, and passing an interview.


  1. A placement test will determine the level at which applicants will enter their programme (GFP Semester 1, Semester 2, Semester 3 or undergraduate)
  2. All applicants except those direct admissions candidates (a, b and c) must take the OTC placement test