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Student Clubs

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Noble Oman

Join us as a volunteer (clean up, charity, sports, festivals, awareness campaign, special events, etc.)  & travel with us for International Cultural Exchange (so far, we’ve been to South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, & Turkey) – Instagram: nobleoman | Facebook: NOBLE Oman

Contact Dr. Don/Ms Jihad: |[/mvc_flip_box]

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Arts Society

If you’re interested in arts (photography, film, blog, vlog, fashion, fitness, painting, etc.), join us!

Contact Dr. Riah:


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International students’ club – to collaborate with local students – organize recreational activities –local tourism & cultural exchange

Contact Ms. Jayasheree:


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English Club

To hone your written and communication skills in English (essay writing, speech improvement, quiz bee, debate, etc)

Contact Ms. Samra Aljahdhami


[mvc_flip_box image_id=”1296″ image_size=”118″ caption_url=””]The Marketing Club is supervised by OTC’s Marketing Department to primarily engage Tourism Marketing students to learn beyond the classroom walls through 3 pivotal activities that occur every semester, which include: Industry guest speaker, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and marketing-related workshops.

Contact Mrs. Wafa Al Buraiki or the Marketing Club[/mvc_flip_box]

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Health Club

Join OTC’s Health Club to spread awareness across the college’s community regarding health, nutrition, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to enhance the spirit of social responsibility and teamwork through organising awareness campaigns that address various medical topics to educate students on the importance of health.

Contact the Club Coordinator, Nurse Nirmila


[mvc_flip_box image_id=”1690″ image_size=”118″ title=”French Club”]French Club

If you are interested in learning more about French language and French speaking countries join us! We will discover touristic attractions, traditional food and famous people from different French speaking countries! Conact Ms. Sophie Lafont:[/mvc_flip_box]

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Scouts & Guides

Scouts & Guides of Oman Tourism College  aims to establish the values ​​and objectives of the scouting movement through its various programs throughout the year and to provide training opportunities that focus largely on self-refinement of the individual to achieve the following:

  • Spreading the spirit of loyalty and redemption to the homeland, strengthening the sense of patriotism, and preserving the nation’s gains.
  • Gaining skills, self-confidence and developing competence.
  • Contribute to self-discovery and the implementation of the tasks assigned to him.
  • Self-development and creating opportunities for physical growth through various activities.
  • Raising the ceiling of societal and voluntary culture, realizing the needs of society and contributing to meeting and developing them.
  • The ability to take responsibility, rely on oneself, and consolidate the values ​​of cooperation, honesty and sincerity at work.

Contact Mr. Mohammed Al Rawahi: