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Student Clubs

How to join?

Membership is open to any registered student of Oman Tourism College. This membership is extended to all alumni who are actively involved in Noble’s meetings, projects and related events.

Our Objectives:

  1. To cultivate the culture of volunteering among the OTC community
  2. To enhance opportunities for practical lifelong learning
  3. To offer venues for social and environmental actions
  4. To support cultural and educational exchange
  5. To organize and host work camps for exchange and cooperation
  6. To engage the OTC alumni in noble’s programs inside and outside of the college

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Office Telephone: 2451 2251


Noble is an English word which carries similar sound and meaning in Arabic (Nabil). It describes the act or deed of high moral principles and ideals. Every act of volunteering for educational or environmental purposes is considered noble.

Who we are?

NOBLE is a Club managed for and by students of Oman Tourism College. It aims to provide a venue for students to enhance their studies through extra and co-curricular activities. The club focus on volunteering, educational and cultural exchanges.